Biofeedback Assessment

A non-invasive path to healing.

The body is designed to heal itself. Your body is always working for you. An imbalance, manifested as a symptom, is your body’s way of asking for help. What if a more natural whole body approach is the help your body’s been looking for?

What Is A Biofeedback?

A biofeedback uses an Electro-Acupuncture of Voll machine (EAV) to collect feedback from your body about what’s functioning properly and where it needs help. Once the full body test is completed, the EAV is able to identify an optimal protocol of herbal supplements personalized to aid in your body’s healing.

How Does It Work?

Using your acupuncture meridian points on your hands and feet–no needles necessary–the EAV is able to receive a frequency from each system of the body (think liver, kidneys, heart, reproductive organs, and beyond). The returned frequency allows the EAV to provide a measure of health and well-being of each organ. The EAV is also able to identify frequencies that indicate the presence of an abnormality or illness, as well as test what healing supplements are a vibrational match for your body’s optimal healing. Talk about getting your frēq, aka frequency, on!


Excited to implement the changes

"It was amazing! She’s amazing! She gave me sooo much help just from that little consult! So I’m super excited to try the things she’s told me to implement and I’m sure within the future I’ll do a full session with her"


Supported through life

"I have been seeing Dr. Debrah for the past 12 years to help support me through life. She has helped me physically, emotionally, and spiritually along the way. One of the many things that I love about Dr. Debra is that she "walks her talk", in other words she herself practices what she preaches. I am in awe of her wealth of knowledge. I walk away learning something new after each visit, whether it be about our bodies, mind or spirit. She is beyond brilliant and definitely an angel on this Earth."

Susie H

focused on healing and balancing

"Finding Dr. Zepf and her holistic approach to healing the body came at the right time as I enter my senior years. Dr. Zepf has such a wealth of knowledge in diagnosing the body’s needs and then recommends various protocols to reach the balance that your body needs. Dr. Zepf guides you with “baby steps” along your journey. Healing and balancing your body is truly a “journey”. I would recommend Dr. Zepf “journey” to everyone!"

Sandi H

Continued health successes

"Dr. Zepf assessed my physical challenges affecting my overall health, and recommended I take time to heal and focus on ‘self-health’; which required a 4 month period away from work. Following Dr. Zepf’s holistic protocols it has allowed me to reduce inflammation within my body, increase energy, and minimize my anxiety. This journey with Dr. Zepf has been both challenging and rewarding and I look forward to my continued health successes."


Set on the right path to health

"Dear Dr. Deb, You have blessed me with a new life. You are a gem among doctors of natural medicine!...Your pure tinctures, the biofeedback, and your heavenly intuitive connection has changed my life and I’ve learned so much over our times together. Although I have a ways to go, I know you have set me on the right path to health. May God bless you many times over for the gift you are to the world! Love & Blessings, Jeanette"

Get To Know Frēq MDS:
Dr. Debrah Zepf


Dr. Zepf’s passion for Aromatherapy and Naturopathic Healing developed during her childhood, where she grew up as a trapper’s daughter in the forests of Northeastern Ontario, Canada. The land, with its plants and animals, was both her playground to explore and her family’s survival. She literally and intuitively knew Mother Earth’s healing powers. Dr. Debrah Zepf, PhD Psc.D DNM MH CCA*, has explored holistic...

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