Spiritual Energy Work

You are energy. Lots of it.

Your personal vibration is your home frequency. So, what do you do when your home gets messy, chaotic, contentious, and beyond?

You clean it up.
You clear it out.
You work through the conflict.
You reclaim peace.

Through Spiritual Energy Work you can access:


Connected Life Guidance


Personal Space Clearing


Relationship Healing + Guidance:


Physical Space Clearing


Travel Protection


Past Life Clearing


Ancestral Clearing

Alexis Miller, 27

From Phoenix

"Plain and simple, life altering. If you’re reading this, there is a reason. Your curiosity has already led you on a path of self-development and growth, or some connection has drawn you here. Working with Tracy has helped me blossom in a way that I know traditional therapy and best friends would not. To each their own, but for me I needed something more. Even in the beginning of my journey when I didn’t fully understand, I had to let go of control, and just see what happens. Allowing myself to experience the unknown, in just a couple sessions I could see and feel the healing I had needed for over a decade. My personal life, career, and relationships have expanded in ways that I used to dream about. I’m developing into someone I admire and understand all because I channeled a seed of faith and booked a session. Tracy is a beautiful soul, sharing her gift, light, and love with the world is something I will forever be grateful for!"

Ashley N, 26

From California

"Working with Tracy is life changing. In the last 2 years, I’ve grown into a more spiritual individual and have had a lot of unexplainable events take place in my life. I always knew there was a greater meaning beyond them, but I never had anyone to talk to about that greater meaning, until Tracy. She truly has a gift! Not only did I get confirmation of these deeper meaning events, but I also have grown exponentially with my intuition and angel/guide connection. I’ve learned so much more about myself and how to stay on my highest path with Tracy’s help. She is the absolute sweetest person and always honest, even if you don’t want to hear it. I recommend her to everyone I talk to! I will always work with Tracy during this lifetime! She’s a beautiful resource that helps me achieve my highest life path."

Tracy, Frēq MDS

From the Northeast

“A client in charge of a large sales force called me to come clear his entire office suite. His staff was having their worst financial quarter and needed their numbers up. After the clearing I performed, their sales increased and they had not only their best quarter for the year, but the best numbers in the nation for their company.”

Ella B, 42

From Texas

“Tracy is truly gifted, and such a wonderful person…Tracy has helped with childhood trauma – returning all the way back to my mother’s womb.”

Donna M, 79

From Maryland

“I don’t think I realized, until working with Tracy, how our past lives cultivate and impact our current ones – the journey is fascinating! During the sessions I feel loved, protected, guided, and reminded of all the spiritual assistance we have available to us. I love that Tracy allows me to speak with my animals through her.”

Anne, 42

From the West Coast

“Working with Tracy has changed my life in such a positive way; I have been able to release so much past pain, anger, feelings of hurt and abandonment, guilt, shame and open myself and my heart and rebuild my confidence and love for myself. Tracy is gifted and kind, sessions can be as personal as you want them to be, she provides a safe space to heal, grow and expand the person you are. I truly was a broken person, the work I have been able to accomplish in truly a short amount of time is mind blowing; every session with Tracy seems like years of therapy sessions and all in one hour with Tracy!”

Get To Know Frēq MDS:

An East Coast gal, wife, and mother, for the past 25 years Tracy has offered her energy services to thousands. She has a strong intuition and a passion for helping others find more happiness, freedom of expression, and to just simply feel better. “Energy work is very rewarding...

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