Subconscious Trasformation

Let go of limiting beliefs.
Embrace all that you are meant to be.

What if you could change your beliefs in an instant?
Beliefs that keep you small like “I’m not worthy”
Beliefs that keep you in shame cycles like “I am not good enough”
Beliefs that keep you from the life you desire like “True love isn’t meant for me”

Transformation Is Possible

It’s time to get your subconscious mind in alignment with creating the life of your dreams! A Frēq MDS, aka frequency doc, helps you identify the beliefs that are limiting you, releases them, then integrates the beliefs that now support your highest potential. That’s why we call it Subconscious Transformation!

What You Believe You Become

Both knowingly and unknowingly, you’ve hidden and stored many self-beliefs on the back shelves of your subconscious mind–aka the most powerful part of your brain. Making up 95% of your brain activity, the beliefs stored within your subconscious mind are constantly guiding your thoughts, feelings, and actions–even beyond what your conscious mind knows.

Where It All Begins

Life happens. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Within all of your life experiences, your mind knowingly and unknowingly creates self-beliefs that help you determine how to thrive and survive in each scenario. Perhaps someone said a hurtful comment that made you begin to question the beauty of your body. Possibly you were shamed for your sexuality. Maybe you were taught to stay quiet instead of speaking your feelings. The potential list of your self-beliefs is 100% unique to you, because no one experienced exactly what you did.

How it works?


Frēq MDS, aka a frequency doc, helps you identify your limiting beliefs.


You muscle test each belief to see if you actually have it stored in your subconscious mind.


With your verbal permission, a Frēq MDS releases the belief from your subconscious mind and/or integrates the belief you want to hold into your subconscious mind.


You muscle test again to see if the limiting belief is gone and/or the new highest potential belief has successfully been inserted.


Freedom from the struggles. Life gets easier!

the mind body connection...

What Is Muscle Testing?

Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing, demonstrates the connection between the mind and the body. If posed statements are positive or “true” for that person, your muscles will stay strong when resistance is applied. Your muscles will go weak and be unable to resist the applied pressure, when posed statements are negative or “untrue” for them. The reaction of a person’s muscles to the energy of the statements or questions asked reveals that the mind “thinks” with the body, or said differently the body knows the answers before the conscious mind does.

Muscle testing was discovered in the 1970’s and many chiropractors and holistic doctors use it to help guide their treatments and diagnosis.

Ashley N

From Louisiana

“I recently started working with Sher a couple months ago! And again the work she provides is absolutely life changing. I’ve struggled my whole life with putting others always before myself to the point of subconsciously underperforming in life to let others shine. My confidence and outward personality has always been subconscious dimmed to not intimidate others. I always felt like I would hold myself back in all aspects of life even if I really wanted to achieve something. I did a few sessions with Sher and immediately felt different. I started being more outspoken and letting myself absorb the spotlight when it was presented to me. Words would just flow out of my mouth that I normally would be too shy to express. I stopped caring about the judgement of others and have been living a more authentic full life. I will continue to work with Sher in the future because she has a beautiful gift. She’s kind, warm, and so easy to talk to. Life changing work she does and I can feel the subconscious old beliefs releasing more from me every day!”

Alex D

From Denver

“My time with Sher has been truly transformational. I’ve always had an awareness of the things that hold me back from becoming my best self, but never had a clear pathway for letting go of then. With Sher’s guidance, I’ve been able to untie myself from these subconscious weights, and live a more free life.”

Sharon W

From Castle Rock

“Really…I can’t believe you released all those limiting belief programming / statements in my mind, body and soul. I haven’t been feeling the sting and pain as much today – I feel a bit subdued. I can’t wait to see you again!”

Suzie L

From Highlands Ranch

“Sher is a very gifted and intuitive practitioner. She is prompt, professional, fun, and kind. She has helped me heal from a major shoulder surgery, remove a lot of the negative emotions involved with the injury, helped my knee to be pain free for weeks at a time. I am always happy and uplifted after a treatment from her. I have recommended her to my family and friends and look forward to my sessions with her more than anything other therapy or modality I have tried, which have been many after a fall I had a year ago, resulting in surgery. Make an appointment to see her, you will not be disappointed!!!”

Get To Know Frēq MDS:

A west coast gal with a love for her family and friends and all things southwest. Sher has a heart dedicated to helping others live their highest potential and purpose. “When I work with clients...

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