One-On-One Coaching

Let go of Limitations.
Raise Your Vibration.
Live Your Dreams.

You know that "something more" you want...

⬩ A healthier relationship with yourself, your partner, your family, your friends
⬩ More joy
⬩ Less fear
⬩ Freedom to pursue your passions
⬩ An abundance of money
⬩ Even better sex
⬩ And beyond!

Spend eight weeks with our hands on guidance transforming the limitations holding you back and empower your energy to become the vibrational match for the life of your dreams!

I'm Ready!

During your eight weeks with us you will:

Transform Your Subconscious Mind

Override programs that are keeping you stuck and integrate beliefs that support making your “something more” a possibility

I am not worthy of _____ → I am worthy
There is never enough money → Money flows into my life with ease
Life drains me → I have the energy to not only survive, but thrive in life
All men are _____ → I attract a loving and emotionally available partner
I am unlovable → I am loveable
Life is hard → Life love's me

Unpack Your Soul’s Suitcase

Impactful and traumatic experiences can leave us with stuck energy that needs to be healed before you can move forward. Heal energetic wounding and imprints with as much or as little discussion as you're comfortable with. Everything is energy and you support your energetic body by shedding the layers of heaviness!

Raise Your Vibration Both Daily and Deeply

Your energy is information that informs how you feel, how others react to you, and what you attract into your life. Through daily practices you will learn how to raise your vibration to the all things good frequency of love – the energy of your human potential that Feels. SO. Good. and creates the life of your dreams!

Mostly, I’m feeling grateful for you! I feel lighter and more open again. The very act of telling ones story, and having someone link the dots is very very powerful. Then, to have someone start to erase the wounds is a blessing beyond compare.

J B.

You’ve changed me and I am grateful.
So looking forward to our new tomorrow
Brighter times ahead

Kathy P.

I feel better than I have in a very long time.You are an Angel ❤️I appreciate you and your work so very much. hank you Paige. I feel such great relief and greater inner power over those old patterns.


Alexis Miller, 27

From Phoenix

"Plain and simple, life altering. If you’re reading this, there is a reason. Your curiosity has already led you on a path of self-development and growth, or some connection has drawn you here. Working with Tracy has helped me blossom in a way that I know traditional therapy and best friends would not. To each their own, but for me I needed something more. Even in the beginning of my journey when I didn’t fully understand, I had to let go of control, and just see what happens. Allowing myself to experience the unknown, in just a couple sessions I could see and feel the healing I had needed for over a decade. My personal life, career, and relationships have expanded in ways that I used to dream about. I’m developing into someone I admire and understand all because I channeled a seed of faith and booked a session. Tracy is a beautiful soul, sharing her gift, light, and love with the world is something I will forever be grateful for!"



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Because we want to give the MOST to YOU we are only opening this offer up to six people ready to transform their lives and start the year off with a BANG!

Doors CLOSE January 28th

Have questions or need extra support?

Reach out to us directly to us at! We’d LOVE to chat more to see if this is the energetic fit for YOU.@LoveIgnitesPeace! We’d LOVE to chat more to see if this is the energetic fit for YOU.