Frēq MDS Session Parameters

• Each Frēq practitioner is referred to herein as a Frēq MDS.

• Your Frēq MDS is not a licensed medical doctor, counselor, or therapist.

• You must choose this healing modality of your own free-will and retain 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and/or your physical/emotional reaction to any session.

• All sessions are 100% confidential between you and your Frēq MDS.

• At any time, your Frēq MDS may determine you need help other than what may be provided by your Frēq MDS. In such event, you will receive a refund for the session in which that decision was made by your Frēq MDS.

Waiver and Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge the parameters set forth above and understand and confirm that my participation in any activity or therapy offered by Frēq is voluntary, of my own free will and pursued at my own risk. In exchange for the opportunity to participate in such activity or therapy, I hereby agree as follows:

I assume any and all risks associated with any activity, therapy or product marketed by Frēq, including, but not limited to, any illness, adverse reaction (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) and/or injury arising from participation in a Frēq activity or therapy and/or the use of any product marketed by Frēq.

Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration for services provided by Frēq and my Frēq MDS, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrator, or anyone else who might make claims on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release, and discharge Frēq, its affiliates, owners, officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and/or any other personnel assisting or connected with any activity, therapy or product offered by Frēq, from any and all claims or liability of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of my participation, including, but not limited to, any claim or liability arising outside of a session with my Frēq MDS, even though such liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of a party associated with Frēq.

This is agreed and accepted on the day of booking, the checking of the box that reads "I have read and agree to the Frēq MDS Session Parameters and the Wavier and Assumption of Risk", and the checking of the box that reads "I verify I am the person, or legal guardian of the person, listed above who is receiving a session and who has read the "Wavier and Assumption of Risk" during the booking a session process.