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Destination True-Self

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May 18, 2023

If you are going to take a trip it would be highly unlikely that you’d arrive at the airport with no planned destination. There are countless challenges that come with trying to board a flight with no idea of where you are going. One personal conundrum would be, what to pack. Should you bring a jacket or a swimsuit? Flip flops or boots?

 Life is the journey that we have all embarked upon, but could there be a destination that we are all trying to get to while we are still alive? Why would we as humans embark on this journey if we didn’t know where we were going? Certainly, in our daily lives, we wouldn’t set out unprepared with no preplanned destination.

 Since most of us don’t know where we are going, we just keep travelling the same windy and twisted roads over and over, hoping that eventually, we find the exit to something different. Kind of gloomy really. We’ve been programmed to accept our lives the way they are and to just keep circling. Could there be something more, a destination right here on earth that takes us to someplace 5-star?

 Through our life experiences, the journey and the destination to living as our true-(S)elves is the exit ramp that we are all seeking. For some reason, destination true-(S)elf has been concealed from our conscious awareness for a very long time. We aren’t here to suffer forever and ever, or to even suffer at all. We are here to have a set of experiences and then learn how to evolve beyond all of the experiences that perpetuate our pain, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three, to something better.

 When I started my journey to self-awareness, I truly had no idea where I was going, but I knew that I wanted to feel more empowered and happier. No one was there to guide me or tell me what to look for, so I started by giving myself some quiet time in the morning before my family got up for the day. My mind operated like a busy intersection of on-coming traffic, so this was my time to sit and breathe, to read some uplifting material, or to journal. In those quiet moments, I was truly alone with my thoughts and my feelings, and even though they were overflowing with noisy discontent, it felt good, very good.

 Journaling focused the rush hour of my thoughts into one steady unfolding flow. Instead of chaos, my thoughts, written one story at a time, began to feel more ordered. I started to see patterns of repeating behaviours in my life, like people overzealously punishing me for something that I had said, or how my deepest fears had influenced many of my life’s most important decisions. Diving deep into self-awareness helped me to untangle my life’s patterns. I needed to know myself before I could transform myself.

 For years, I’d heard the sayings that everything I needed to know would be found within, but I had no idea what information I was seeking that would open this secret inner door. The journey of learning how to live LoveIgnites Peace was the key that unlocked these most personal answers.  Instead of ignoring my feelings, I began to pay attention to them and most importantly, I began questioning those feelings. By asking why I felt I couldn’t speak my truth or why I felt so disempowered and unable to make decisions for myself (btw, these were just a few of my many patterns), I started to discover the patterns that were showing up for me, as the deeply held self-beliefs and fears that had caused my mental and emotional suffering. By asking why, I was able to discern what I believed about myself that was causing me to be separated from the Love that was my true-(S)elf.

 The belief that you aren’t enough for yourself, for any reason, is the opposite of Love. The beliefs that keep you afraid are the opposite of Love. The beliefs that you will always be betrayed, or be a disappointment, or need to be punished, or that suffering is what you are here to do, or a list of a thousand other beliefs that keep you from creating the life that your heart desires, is the opposite of Love.

 Continuing to look outside of yourself to the material world will never bring you closer to living as Love, but looking inside yourself and identifying and transforming the energy patterns (self-beliefs/fears) that have kept you from creating and living the most incredible, soul-fulfilling life has the power to transform your life into the Love, the Joy, the Abundance, the Authenticity, and the most On-Purpose YOU that YOU can imagine.

 So take the trip to destination true-(S)elf. Say YES to living Love Ignites Peace. It will be the greatest and most soul-fulfilling journey you ever take.