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Get Your Frēq On

Published on
May 18, 2023

Years ago, I experienced a health crisis that took away my vitality for life. At that point my personal frequency was pretty low. My physical body didn’t feel good, my mind felt mostly cloudy, and I felt empty emotionally. Once I started physically feeling better I desperately wanted to change my energy so that my mind and my emotions were filled with thoughts and feelings that created joy. My journey to getting my frēq on had started wayback then (2006) and I didn’t even know it!

Transforming my energy into the higher frequency vibrations of happy, empowered, on purpose, and in love with life started as a daily practice for me. Every morning I’d take 30 minutes to sit quietly and breathe.I’d read a few pages of uplifting and positive material. Some days I’d journal or make a list of things that I was grateful for. I found that as I started my day from the energy of calm and centered, the easier it was for me to maintain that energy for longer periods of time. How I felt on a daily basis mattered tome, because I wanted to feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally, not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Many years ago I read the book Power verses Force and was completely intrigued by the author’s Scale of Consciousness. He tested hundreds of thousands of people over a 20 year period and what came out of his research was a scale that tangibly measures a person’s energy in frequency. As a person’s frequency increases, it means that they are embodying the self-beliefs and the feelings that bring them closer to Love’s energy.  

As you energetically move up the Scale of Consciousness, you feel better about yourself, thus you are vibrating at a higher frequency.Getting your frēq on is an inner journey that has the potential to profoundly change your life.

When I unknowingly started my journey many years ago my frequency was testing at the bottom of the Scale of Consciousness; shame. It didn’t mean that I felt shameful all of the time, but shame was an energy that was easily triggered within me. Until I could move beyond shame and a list of other low frequency feelings like guilt and fear, I had a hard time consistently feeling good about myself. I needed to deal with the energies, specifically the self-beliefs, that were feeding my feelings of disempowerment and unhappiness in order to get my frēq on, and to keep it on.

At Love Ignites Peace we are on a mission to help you transform your personal frequency to the frequency of love – the energy of your true-(S)elf.That happens two ways, by working on your daily frēq and your long-term, this is who I am, frēq. You like everything in the universe is energy.  Honestly, all of this is pretty darn cool because energy can be transformed – if you choose.  

Getting my frēq on to live as Love was a journey for me that started with choice. I just wanted to feel better about myself so I choose togo on an inner journey that would lead me to that frequency. Willingness is a notably high frequency on David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. If you want change, you have to be willing to make the choice to take the journey.

What is your intention for your energy?  Do you want to feel good?  Do you want to let go of fear? To be more in control of your life? To feel happy? To make a change in a relationship? Whatever your intention, tap into your desire and say YES to taking the journey.  

Transform with us and get your frēq, aka frequency on, by choosing Love Ignites Peace as your journey and your destination.