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What is Love Ignites Peace?

Published on
May 18, 2023

When you hold a baby, human or animal, you can feel the pure love of their innocence. If you measured a baby’s frequency, it would probably measure close to, or even above the frequency of Love.  

 Frequency is the measurement for how high or low your personal energy is vibrating. Dr. David Hawkins developed a scale for humans to measure their frequency and what he discovered is that human frequency is tied to your thoughts, feelings, and self-beliefs. So life happens and that little baby accumulates experiences that effect the way they feel about themselves. Sadly many of those experiences take them away from Love’s frequency.  

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, Love is the frequency that you, and all of us, are trying to return to. Love Ignites Peace is asking you to take the journey with us and return to Love’s frequency.  

What is Love? That is the all-time question with a million different answers. At Love Ignites Peace, Love is the builder of all things good. Love is the frequency that architects all things life enhancing for each of us individually and for the collective we. Love ignites a million good things.

 For you personally that means learning to live as Love means living as your true-(S)elf — you know, the you that feels happy, significant, on purpose, abundant, free, and fully comfortable in your own skin. LoveIgnites Peace takes you on your journey to destination true-(S)elf — love-in-action in your day-to-day life.

 Most people don’t know their true-(S)elf as themselves. LoveIgnites Peace is here to help you make that introduction — a meet and greet that we hope will turn into a life-long love affair.

 Love Ignites Peace is a lifestyle that takes the whole of you on a journey of creating a healthy and vibrant physical body, a clear and quite mind, and a deep connection to the spiritual and the human you, so that your little (s) self can get to know your true- capital S (S)elf; the joyful, unlimited, in love with life version of you.

 What would your life look like if you were living from Love’s all things good frequency?  Would you lack self-confidence or feel depressed or anxious?  Would you dislike your body or judge someone else’s? Would you feel not good enough or not worthy of love or abundance? Absolutely not!

 Energy can be transformed from low frequency to high frequency; hate to love; judgement to understanding; uncomfortable to authentic; not enough to enough; fear to courage; anxiety to calm; chaos to peace.

 Love Ignites Peace has the power to transform your life. Love Ignites Peace can be your future.