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Love: Seeking or Becoming?

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May 22, 2023

A while back we asked some friends and family to tell us “what does love means to you.” Every one of them squirmed, they raised their eyebrows in contemplation, they deflected, and after a mental struggle finally came up with their answer. Why is answering this question so difficult? 

Maybe because love, a short 4-letter word, contains a dictionary full of meanings and nuances that we have yet to become aware of. Love Ignites Peace is here to playfully open that mysterious and magical book filled with love’s infinite intricacies. Think of Love Ignites Peace as your interactive tour guide, jumping off the pages with new insights and adventure-filled discoveries. 

We have to understand love in order to ignite peace, and that ignition begins within each of us individually. 

When we choose Love Ignites Peace, we choose the alchemy of changing ourselves and the world from the darkness of divisive behaviors into the golden nuggets of peace. Love is the frequency that changes us, one person at a time, so that we can change the world. 

So much is written about the electricity of romantic love, and so very little is understood about everyday love. Love Ignites Peace explores everyday love, that rhythm of who you are and how you interact with yourself and others; the love that provides the cadence for your unique life.

Long ago, I bought a tee-shirt that said, “Love is not something that you look for…love is something you become.” Love Ignites Peace is a becoming, a far-reaching tour-de-self that influences the way we interact with ourselves and each other. Our perceptions and beliefs arise within us like molten layers of magma that cool and then harden into the many conclusions we make about love. Determining the origins and the contents of those personal layers provide the clues about your unique relationship with love. 

A close friend of mine was raised in a home where explosive conflict reigned. Dinner times were especially volatile, with the kids never knowing when they would be verbal targets. The scalding hot words of these verbal exchanges impacted each child differently; one became a fiery tongued warrior, and the other a peacemaker. The warrior and the peacemaker’s self-perceptions impacted their beliefs about love because of their upbringing. Though they approached relationship dynamics differently, they both subconsciously believed that love equaled conflict. 

By using combative words filled with judgement and reproach, they attempted to fit people into their box of expectations, because that is how they were “loved.” Love was the constant seeking for the perfection of enoughness. No one could ever be enough for them, even if they felt love for that person. This is because they, themselves, didn’t feel that they were enough. Love could not ignite peace because they couldn’t identify love with the idea of peace, only with conflict. 

Love Ignites Peace acts as your tour guide, calling attention to humankind’s extensive beliefs regarding love— some distorted and some authentic. As you start asking yourself, “what does love mean to you,” through self-awareness, your answers will transform the vista before you so you can become love through her heart-based, life-enhancing design. 

Love Ignites Peace looks at our many false-beliefs about love, the programs that run automatically from our heads, so that through emotional awareness, the genuine love that radiates from our hearts can be heard. 

It’s important to start becoming aware of all of the ways we look for love, because that seeking usually means that we are looking for something or someone outside of ourselves to make us feel loved. We search for external validation hoping that it will remedy something missing inside of ourselves. The warrior and the peacemaker looked for love to fill the inner wound that they weren’t enough. 

Love Ignites Peace, as my ever-present companion, transformed me by causing me to look at my behaviors/beliefs that were seeking love instead of becoming love. Looking for love held me back from acting with unconditional love and acceptance for myself and others. I was a perpetual people pleaser. I believed that if I constantly tried to please others, then people would see me as significant — that they would value me and then they would love me. I couldn’t become love until I stopped looking to the outside world to make me feel loved. 

Not all behaviors that seek out love create chaos.  Look inward and explore your behaviors and self-beliefs. Which ones are connected to your unconscious desire to feel important and significant? That validation is merely your desire to be loved, seeking affirmation through your external relationships. 

Our humanness seeks to feel loved, to perceive that we are special and validated for being our unique selves. When we don’t feel like we matter to others, we unconsciously create behaviors that try to make us feel significant. 

How you interact, react, and speak all reflect how you feel about yourself and ultimately others. You being you is the in-the-moment assessment of your relationship with love.  LIP assists you in expanding your emotional awareness so that you can begin to understand your very unique relationship with love. 

When someone shames another for believing or thinking differently than they do, this because they are seeking to be seen as someone who matters. They are unconsciously trying to fill a hole within themselves by hurting someone else. Ironically, seeking love when we have little self-awareness often inspires negative actions towards achieving that elusive desire. What if when we responded, we filled those holes with love, authentically communicating to a person that they matter? 

Love Ignites Peace challenges you to see the desire for love in behaviors that seem the opposite of love. Can we see those divisive behaviors for what they truly are; outcries of pain seeking to be acknowledged as loveable and significant? 

Imagine becoming love so that you can choose love as your response. 

Love is patient and love is kind, because it cultivates the compassion from which understanding and acceptance can then be offered. 

When you choose to become a part of this lifestyle-movement, you choose a journey of self-exploration that affects how you interact with the external world. You are choosing to co-create a happier, more abundant world for yourself and everyone else. You become a positive and life-enhancing agent for change. You align your internal compass with becoming love so that you can assist others in that same process. 

Love Ignites Peace leads by example, guiding us to humanity’s next evolutionary leap. 

What does love mean to you? At Love Ignites Peace it means that when we become love, we know that love can and will make a difference. Love is the alchemy that changes our perceptions about ourselves and others into the magic of Understanding, Forgiveness, Allowing, Acceptance, Honor, and Respect (all live links to the individual LIP in Motion videos). It shifts our interactions from our heads to our hearts. Love creates more love, and more love creates more affluence, happiness, and harmony. 

Love Ignites Peace is the magic that transforms chaos into harmony. 

Become love. Join the movement.